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The Versatile XPOWER Airrow Pro

Few products have created a buzz like the Airrow Pro Multipurpose Duster, or A-2. Since its introduction in 2015, it has become a popular choice among computer enthusiasts, car detailers, cleaning professionals and consumers.

As a substitute for canned air, the Airrow Pro towers above the competition. Hailed for its sturdy construction and powerful 1/2 HP motor, the Airrow Pro is made from durable ABS, the same material used for NFL Football helmets.
Happy customers reporting their satisfaction with the A-2 are over-the-top with praise:

“Love it. Works well for all areas. I use it on the patio to clean off leaves.”

“Blows dust and other light stuff away. I use this to clean keyboard, interior of CPU case, and other areas that are hard to reach/clean.”

B-8 Elite Brushless Dryer: the Next Generation

B-8 Top View
B-8 Top View
In the taxing grooming environment, equipment reliability and ruggedness is a must. XPOWER satisfies both requirements with the B-8 Elite Brushless Motor Force Dryer.

With an unrivaled 7000 hour lifespan, the B-8’s variable speed and heat controls are not its only major features – it also displays them on a digital screen. The added functionality enables groomers to be able to balance variable speed with heat to achieve just the right balance of both.