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The Versatile Air Mover

Most don’t realize just how versatile a piece of equipment the air mover is. It combines focused air movement and lower power draw, making it the perfect tool to use when one requires a precise stream of air that can be turned on and off instantly. Let’s explore the many ways you can use this workhorse of home, business and industry.

Drying Carpets & Hard Floors

Air movers have been a mainstay in the carpet cleaning industry for years. Their ability to aim air across a large horizontal surface creates quicker dry times, enabling carpet cleaning professionals to get through scheduled jobs with greater efficiency. Many air movers are daisy chainable, a feature that allows several to be wired together for even a quicker turnaround time.

Inflatables are Fun – Use them Properly!

Inflatable bounce houses provide children with hours of fun – and XPOWER provides the bounce house industry and consumers with a wide selection of blowers to make them inflate properly and keep them consistently inflated.

bounce-houseWhile inflatables are both safe and entertaining, they must be employed properly. Party planning rental services will provide guidance in this area, but for consumers, purchasing and setting up a bounce house can be a daunting endeavor. If you’re a consumer with a bounce house, make sure you follow your instruction manual or consult a professional.

Safety, of course, is priority #1. Children of all ages can be unaware of hazards when not given proper direction. Just like any type of recreational equipment, bounce houses require supervision under watchful adult eyes. Below are some safety tips (and don’t forget to use common sense) when you’re ready to set up a bounce house.

The Versatile XPOWER Airrow Pro

Few products have created a buzz like the Airrow Pro Multipurpose Duster, or A-2. Since its introduction in 2015, it has become a popular choice among computer enthusiasts, car detailers, cleaning professionals and consumers.

As a substitute for canned air, the Airrow Pro towers above the competition. Hailed for its sturdy construction and powerful 1/2 HP motor, the Airrow Pro is made from durable ABS, the same material used for NFL Football helmets.
Happy customers reporting their satisfaction with the A-2 are over-the-top with praise:

«Love it. Works well for all areas. I use it on the patio to clean off leaves.»

«Blows dust and other light stuff away. I use this to clean keyboard, interior of CPU case, and other areas that are hard to reach/clean.»

The Benefits of Ionizers

Why is an XPOWER Scented Air Mover / Ionizer Necessary?

Air conditioners, televisions, clothes dryers, carpet and upholstery are positive-charge producing. In big cities, the concentration of negative ions in the air may only be only one-tenth of that found in the country or in rural settings. XPOWER’s Scented Air Mover / Ionizer serves a dual purpose by neutralizing the air, significantly improving air quality, while scenting the air.


The Myth that DIY/Self-Wash Dilutes In-Store Grooming, Part 2

Grooming has evolved from an elite segment of the overall pet industry into a necessary, must-have segment for pet retailers, retailers and catalogs. Credit must go to entrepreneurs who created a need for a service that few could do well: pet grooming.

Initially, the most successful were businessmen with little knowledge of pet grooming themselves, but who researched and developed a sound approach to the grooming business. Their establishments were attractive, open and above all spotlessly clean. They offered low prices for the self-wash customers (DIYers) to come in, use superior equipment and supplies, and dry their animals in a safe and professional location without the messy and time consuming clean-up at home. They marketed extras which approached what the professional groomer would charge for the same service. After the DIYers 4th visit, in about 40% of the cases, they requested a quote for the staff groomer providing the same service and voilà, we now have a new grooming industry client.

The Myth that DIY/Self-Wash Dilutes In-Store Grooming, Part I

Grooming an animal properly is very tedious work and takes far more experience and skill than the average person can competently accomplish. The length and type of coat adds even more complexity, and requires expensive and difficult to master equipment to successfully do the job.

Many believe a loss of business occurs to in-house groomers due to grooming equipment sales to DIYers or self-wash services, but they ignore the explosive growth of “Grooming” as the hottest, most profitable segment in the retail pet industry. Added services such as boarding, veterinary, training and animal rescue have helped promote an upward trajectory in this consistently growing market.