XPOWER’s Scented Beads are specifically formulated for usage in its line of Scented Air Movers. Selection includes bracing citrus blends, tropicals and florals. For special applications, XPOWER’s team will work with you to customize fragrances for businesses from amusement parks and fairs, to restaurants and hotels.
Currently available scents include the following:

Citrus Bliss: Uplifting blend of orange, lemon and other exotic citrus fruit to tantalize the senses.
Fresh Breeze: A scent redolent of fruit and flowers to neutralize and revitalize the air.
Grapefruit: Refreshing scent reminiscent of fresh-squeezed ruby red citrus.
Key Lime: Invigorating fusion of fresh lime and green bottom notes rejuvenates and cleanses.
Lavender Vanilla : Calming herbaceous floral combines with luscious vanilla bottom notes – thoroughly seductive.
Piña Colada: Tropical breezes beckon with this classic coalescence of creamy coconut and crisp pineapple.

Please contact XPOWER for a scented bead refill distributor or retailer, or one of the XPOWER scented bead sources below:

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