DISC- XPOWER X-42ATR Professional High Temp Axial Fan (1/3 HP)

The XPOWER X-42ATR is a high temperature fan that can withstand room temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used in conjunction with radial heaters to circulate hot air. Great for pest control and water damage restoration applications, the X-42ATR features a variable speed control, low 2.4 Amp draw, 3-hour timer, included 360-degree rotation rack/stand, and built in daisy chainable power outlets w/ circuit breaker. Use this high performance fan with its unique grill design to extend a powerful and focused stream of air up to 60 ft. in any direction. This unit features a powerful external rotor induction motor for maximum torque and performance. Easily transportable, this lightweight axial fan can be stacked up to 5 units high. Ducting hoses (16DH25 or 16DH15) and adapter kit (16DHK) are available separately for confined space ventilation.

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